Saturday, February 10, 2007

this is an ironic post. i don't actually like 30 seconds to mars.

but mike posted a video w/ japanese people. so i am posting white people dressed up as samurais.

is it too obvious

to state that i would've enjoyed the killers when i was 13 and they were the only thing galloping through my television?

it's sort of endearing that brandon flowers can't sing for shit.

dig that raccous falsetto.

Friday, February 09, 2007

the meme is here and we want you to know these things about us that you don't know about us.

1.) we once saved a boy from an ocean of drano.

2.) we were involved in the brazilian version of watergate

3.) when one of us chews gum the other one hears that the other one is chewing gum (from miles away, but not light years)

4.) our sweat is organic

5.) after much debate, they named the harmonica after us
mike and i have written a screenplay for a movie

here's who will star in the movie:

tom waits (as land use larry)
harmony korine (as general of butt plug army)
a lot of midgets (as butt plug army)
bats (as bats)
daniel johnston (as daniel johnston)
the u.s. postal service (as the ho's)

with cameos from:

jeff mangum
the black guy w/ no legs from kids
anna nicole smith